We know you can read a thing dozens of times without finding words which are spelled wrong, the grammar and other errors that your eyes just not catch. But we can help betareading, proofread and editing your layout.

We look for typos, wrongly spelled words, grammar that is not correct and a lot more. We edit your manuscript so it is easy to read and make it a story, that the reader wants to go into and use their time on reading.

You deliver the words and manuscript and we will make it an enjoyable and easy to read story for you.

General Proofread £ 30 or $ 40 per book

  • Final pass to address spelling, punctuation and common typos.
  • Fast respons 1-2 weeks based on length.
  • Feedback in Word document with track changes.
  • Downpayment required

Copy or line editing £ 3 or $ 5 per 1000 words

  • Addresses spelling, grammar, syntax, corrects typos and highlights any inconsistencies.
  • Fast respons 1-3 weeks based on length.
  • Feedback in Word document with track changes and 1-2 page write-up with editor’s notes.
  • Downpayment required.

Deep proofread £ 50 or $ 65 per book

  • Addresses big picture issues including storyline, plot, pacing, internal consistency, characterization and story structure.
  • Fast respons 2-4 weeks based on length.
  • Feedback in Work document with track changes and 2-5 page write-up with notes and suggestions.
  • Downpayment required.